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29 Nov 2018, 01:15
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Topic: Log4OM - JTAlertX - WSJT-X intercommunication
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Re: Log4OM - JTAlertX - WSJT-X intercommunication

We also added an INI file to let them autoconfigure some parameters without asking user to provide them, but it's (right now, as far as i know) not used. I wish to avoid wasting more time on useful-but-not-used features ?????! What .ini file is JTAlert not using? JTAlert uses the Log4OM provided st...
22 Feb 2018, 05:00
Forum: Software Integration
Topic: LOg4om and JT-alert
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Re: LOg4om and JT-alert

Looks like that LOG4OM hangs when JT-alert writes to the log file. JTAlert doesn't write to the Log4OM log file. JTAlert sends an appropriate logging command via the Log4OM logging interface and Log4OM itself does the actual writing to the log file. If the logging is slow or broken, the fault lies ...
05 Feb 2018, 06:47
Forum: User Support
Topic: USA zone 5 issue
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Re: USA zone 5 bug?

Hello Gents, I checked some log entries recently for the zone numbers and found many that are actually in zone 3 and 4, are listed as in zone 5. So I did some searching for anything related to this in the forum and found some discussion about it concerning that the original qrz entry could be wrong...
21 Nov 2017, 08:08
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Topic: Starting external software using multiple profiles
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Re: Starting external software using multiple profiles

I've searched and can't find any reference to my issue. Hopefully I didn't miss it. In my situation, I start Log4OM and use it to launch JTAlert which in turn launches WSJT-X. When I'm not operating one of the digital modes, I thought it would be nice to setup a second profile by cloning and then u...
14 Nov 2017, 09:59
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Topic: No solar datas are in the log, if using JTAlert for logging.
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Re: No solar datas are in the log, if using JTAlert for logging.

JTAlert writes directly to the Log4OM database and if the solar data is missing from the data JTAlert saves then you need to ask JTAlert's author this question and he will possibly add it, it is not a Log4OM error or deficiency Terry, This is not the case. JTAlert NEVER writes directly to the Log4O...
07 Aug 2017, 21:05
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Topic: WSJT-X and LOG4OM - Newbie Question
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Re: WSJT-X and LOG4OM - Newbie Question

You need to install JTAlert and set WSJT-X and JTAlert up according to their user guides and then every QSO will log directly to Log4OM using the UDP connection. All three programs must be running as an administrator by right clicking on the install files and selecting 'Run as administrator' There ...
04 Dec 2016, 21:30
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Topic: JT 65 logging problem
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Re: JT 65 logging problem

KC0EM, I rarely visit this forum, you need to post to the JTAlert support group (see link, top of to get some assistance, it is the official channel for JTAlert support. There are many Log4OM/JTAlert users there that can help if I am unavailable to answer your message in a timely manner...
21 Sep 2016, 20:26
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Topic: Log4OM + JTAlert + WSJT-X = errors + double logs
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Re: Log4OM + JTAlert + WSJT-X = errors + double logs

As JTAlert/WSJT-X only accesses your Log4om database (With or without Log4OM running) it would seem the issue is with the other programs, have you made this enquiry to them? Terry, Your wrong. JTAlert does not access the Log4OM log directly for writing and never has. JTAlert uses the Log4OM logging...
12 Sep 2016, 21:39
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Topic: Sudden error message
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Re: Sudden error message

If the QSO is getting logged correctly, but JTAlert is unable to confirm that the QSO was logged, which is done via a direct read of the log file, suggests that you don't have JTAlert configured with the correct Log4OM log file path. Logging is done via UDP, so doesn't need to know the log file path...
27 May 2016, 07:41
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Phil, Since your looking at differences in what HB9HQX is logging and what Log4OM is recording, you should raise this issue with the HB9HQX author. Your mention of JTAlert in your original post led me to think that JTAlert was doing the logging. Since it appears that HB9HQX is doing the logging, I c...