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by WT0DX
18 Nov 2019, 23:38
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Topic: Run as Administrator
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Run as Administrator

Is it still necessary to install and run Log4OM as an Administrator? See the following thread, where someone claims this is no longer necessary... "There is NO reason to run anything with Administrator privileges as this can cause other issues. Early versions of Log4OM installations required this, b...
by WT0DX
13 Nov 2019, 23:43
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Win4YaesuSuite
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Re: Win4YaesuSuite

Hans, I have sent you an email, since I operate remotely using Win4Icom Suite software, along with Log4OM and several other software packages.

73 Bill WT0DX (see QRZ page for high level description of my remote station)
by WT0DX
14 Aug 2018, 23:34
Forum: User Support
Topic: FT8CALL
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Hi folks... there is a new digital mode based on FT8 technology called FT8CALL. Allows real digital QSOs, similar to PSK31. Now, according to PSK Reporter it's as high as #2 in popularity for digital modes (after just a few days).
by WT0DX
18 Feb 2018, 22:02
Forum: User Support
Topic: qso not logging & importing adif file issue.
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Re: qso not logging & importing adif file issue.

I have had the same problem this weekend. Very slow logging from JTAlert. Very slow updates to QSOs. I noticed that the QRZ site is running very slow, perhaps due to CQ CW contest. I had QRZ lookup enabled, when I disabled, then everything was fine again.

Bill WT0DX (former WB9KPT)
by WT0DX
18 Feb 2018, 21:52
Forum: Software Integration
Topic: LOg4om and JT-alert
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Re: LOg4om and JT-alert

I noticed the same issue this weekend. Turns out that I had QRZ lookup enabled, and the site is very slow, perhaps due to CQ CW contest? Disabled lookup and all is well.

Bill WT0DX
by WT0DX
28 Jan 2018, 14:58
Forum: User Support
Topic: LoTW weirdness
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Re: LoTW weirdness

In the 1.31.00 release.... is this the fix for the LOTW download issue: "Added checks to WAS import in order to try fixing non coherent data for USA, Alaska and Hawaii." ?

Bill WT0DX (formerly WB9KPT)