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by G7SAI
04 May 2020, 08:44
Forum: User Support
Topic: 2.5 problems with connection to GridTracker
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2.5 problems with connection to GridTracker


I am having problems getting log entries from WSJT-X (on another PC) either direct or via GridTracker on the same PC as Log4OM2

Any hints?


by G7SAI
10 Apr 2019, 11:12
Forum: Software Integration
Topic: DX-Cluster like WSJT-X integration
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DX-Cluster like WSJT-X integration

Hi, It would be useful to have DX Cluster-like functionality in a WSJTX integration. The user story would be: Open WSJT-X and set up with rig, in Log4OM, select the WSJT-X integration tab and set up filters/highlighting (worked/worked on band/ worked band/mode) Received CQ calls are listed in a grid...