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by KR8T
06 Mar 2018, 22:44
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Multiple cluster band select on Filters tab
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Multiple cluster band select on Filters tab

Can we have check boxes on the filter tab of what bands we want to see in the Cluster tab? It's already implemented as Cluster filters on the Setup Cat & Cluster tab. For instance, I may only want to see 20 meters thru 10 meters. This would be in addition to the BAND and link to radio BAND selections.
by KR8T
07 May 2015, 00:33
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Cluster highlight colors
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Cluster highlight colors

Can we have a separate Cluster highlight color for countries worked, not confirmed? I'd like this is in both windows, the latest spots and the cluster.

by KR8T
15 Mar 2015, 12:52
Forum: Error Reports
Topic: QSO information missing-invalid call
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QSO information missing-invalid call

2 issues:
7QAA is not recognized as a valid call. If I add a number after "Q", Log4OM recognizes the call. If I manually select Malawi in the country drop down, it allows me to store the contact.
But if I make another contact with 7QAA, the QSO Information is blank.
by KR8T
21 Jun 2014, 19:12
Forum: User Support
Topic: Microsoft.NET Framework error
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Re: Microsoft.NET Framework error

I have the same problem, also running Windows 7 64 bit. The previous version of Log4OM worked fine , but when I updated to 17.1.1, communicator will no longer run.
The previous version I was running was version 16.0