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19 Jan 2018, 17:33
Forum: General discussions
Topic: cluster customization
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Re: cluster customization

18 Jan 2018, 15:24
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Current V2 status
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Re: Current V2 status

As for your DB query problem won't an sql join work to prevent your 1M query example? Joins are not as fast as a single table but if it makes the code easier to maintain a slight performance hit may be worth it. Mike W9MDB Ciao Mike, yes of course if the join is straight. If you have a master row a...
18 Jan 2018, 15:17
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Support for GMA
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Re: Support for GMA

by the way is completely dumb, from those award managers, to use SOTA fields for their own references...
this will screw up both sota and their award...

SOTA fields are used only for SOTA information
09 Jan 2018, 09:58
Forum: User Support
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Please start log4om and set TRACE MODE in settings -> log level then do some activities on VFO A and B (if possible do a frequency change / vfo switch every minute and take note of what you did on a separate sheet). The purpose is to have something like: at 13:03 i have set VFO A freq to XXXXX -> Lo...
08 Jan 2018, 13:32
Forum: User Support
Topic: Hamlib Update
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Re: Hamlib Update

Log4OM should work with 3.1 I saw the 3.2 with the new features but it's still a "nightly build" not officially released (at least on the hamlib page) that is still on 3.1 so i'm a bit puzzled about releasing a Log4OM with a "beta" 3.2 that could drive to unexpected issues. You can freely replace ha...
08 Jan 2018, 13:28
Forum: User Support
Topic: Help With Misbehaving Software
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Re: Help With Misbehaving Software

Enable TRACE mode in log, then verify the log.
Informations received and decoded can be verbosely checked in the log in trace mode.
08 Jan 2018, 13:27
Forum: User Support
Topic: LoTW weirdness
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Re: LoTW weirdness

I suggest to add a safety check verifying if the DXCC code is USA, Alaska or Hawaii
just to prevent screwing up other data.

This issue is fixed in 1.31 (i'm trying to decode the STATE for those dxcc codes, removing the descriptive part of the name).
A full re-download of LOTW data will fix the DB.
08 Jan 2018, 13:23
Forum: User Support
Topic: Fatal error message
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Re: Fatal error message

I got the same error reported by an user on another DLL.
Quite strange...
03 Jan 2018, 17:08
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Grid locator query
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Re: Grid locator query

We can do everything... But when an exception exists there is the concrete possibility that the qrz locator is not correct. Assuming that possibility is 50% the right choice is to not trust the qrz information, as a wrong locator is harder to identify at a later time, versus a default evidently wron...