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11 Nov 2017, 14:05
Forum: Italian language forum
Topic: problemi con lotw
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Re: problemi con lotw

La privata è quella del certificato, se l'hai impostata. Utenze e password sono quelli di lotw (devi prima fare un accesso al sistema lotw via browser)
30 Sep 2017, 09:40
Forum: Software Integration
Topic: Outbound connection example (UDP) ?
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Re: Outbound connection example (UDP) ?

Hi Thomas
UDP broadcast is possible to implement, but not implemented due "lack of interest" by anyone :)
30 Sep 2017, 09:35
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Eham
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Re: Eham

Terry, EHAM is a good benchmark but 5/5 is really hard to achieve. Obviously it's hard to accept a bad review for something that can be easily explained on FB, forum, or other ways (including RTFM), but this make Log4OM more "real" and "almost perfect", that is even better than a perfect software wi...
26 Sep 2017, 16:04
Forum: Error Reports
Topic: Log40M > HamQTH upload
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Re: Log40M > HamQTH upload

I'll contact Petr.
If he cannot solve i will fix on our side
23 Sep 2017, 10:28
Forum: General discussions
Topic: My new map !
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Re: My new map !

ahhahah :) it's a pretty creative way to use log4om...
anyway... yes, it's possible, but i believe not so much users will use a jpg image printed on log4om page :)
maybe a TXT?
13 Aug 2017, 13:03
Forum: General discussions
Topic: v1.29 and K3
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Re: v1.29 and K3

Great to know. I was waiting for some feedback by Elecraft users :)
12 Aug 2017, 21:40
Forum: News
Topic: Log4OM 1.30.0 Released
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Log4OM 1.30.0 Released

Due to the high amount of requests to manage “DATA” mode in LOTW download, following recent FT8 digital mode release, we exceptionally released a new version of Log4OM with the following features: Release notes Version 1.30.0 MAINTENANCE RELEASE – LOTW user list now retrieved directly from LOTW webs...
10 Aug 2017, 15:35
Forum: Award support
Topic: LoTW and Eqsl download procedure
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Re: LoTW and Eqsl download procedure

You can install (in a folder) a portable version, kept on the callsign that you use less. Unfortunately it's a very rare situation, pretty peculiar and potentially prone to issues. Log4OM automatically upload QSO to eQSL, with 2 profiles will be difficult to decide what user/password/home parameter ...
10 Aug 2017, 15:00
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Not a defect in LOG4OM - FT8 -Data - LOTW
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Re: Defect in LOG4OM - FT8 -Data - LOTW

New release will correctly read "DATA" mode reported by LOTW.
It has been tested ok.
We usually don't release new versions too often, and V 1.29 was released some days ago.

We'll think about,
10 Aug 2017, 14:56
Forum: User Support
Topic: Merging Logs
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Re: Merging Logs

QSL Management has a "merge" feature that effectively merge inbound QSO with informations not present in the main log.
Try checking if the result is ok with 1-2 QSO