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27 Mar 2020, 09:31
Forum: User support
Topic: HRDLog On AIR status
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Re: HRDLog On AIR status

Hello Emmanuel,

Just one thought is CAT working well?
Have you checked "Automatic HRDLog ON AIR?
Sorry :oops: to be addressing such elementary questions that you’ve certainly checked, but just in case you’ve forgotten something

Here it works perfectly.
25 Mar 2020, 09:30
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: QSL printing suggestions
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Re: QSL printing suggestions

Hello Wojtek and David, The ideas presented are very good and :idea: I share that same desire, however I imagine that it will be a task, that if carried out will be in the long term because there seem to be situations that deserve a certain priority, but I repeat I would like to see these features f...
25 Mar 2020, 09:11
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Edit QSO
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Re: Edit QSO

CU3ED wrote:
24 Mar 2020, 12:17

In the edit QSO window a button for the "web lookup" would be great.
Excellent idea. :idea:
15 Feb 2020, 11:42
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Alerts - signal CAT & give more info
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Re: Alerts - signal CAT & give more info

Hello Mike,

I do agree with you, we really need it, it is very useful. :D

Perhaps configuring the right mouse click to command radio and also turn the antenna.
Let´s see other comments and let´s wait.
13 Feb 2020, 18:50
Forum: User support
Topic: Alert Emails?
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Re: Alert Emails?

Hi Mike, In case you want use V2 and have email alerts, I think that a good option is use HamAlert . An external service but for me works fine. HamAlert : While we do not have it on V2, HamAlert could help a bit. And by the way, have you tested alerts for a NEW IOTA? (neve...
12 Feb 2020, 18:13
Forum: General discussions
Topic: New Iota Alerts.
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New Iota Alerts.

Hi, I've covered the subject before, but I haven't had an answer focused on what I'm really looking for. Subject is alerts! Maybe I did not understand how far the configuration of the "Alerts" can go, or there is something that seems strange to me, so I would like to ask you to test and verify the r...
24 Jan 2020, 11:57
Forum: User support
Topic: Alert Managment.
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Re: Alert Managment.


I am having same issue here, and also with "Award" alerts, tested with IOTA and later with WWFF as I have posted before,
Let´s wait.

Have a nice weekend.
22 Jan 2020, 15:57
Forum: User support
Topic: New Iota - Alerts V2
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New Iota - Alerts V2

Dear Friends, I have read several times the manual about "Alerts" to see if there was something wrong I was doing, but I can't find a way, so I decided to comment here on the forum. :? I created some alerts that work well, but I created one regarding "Awards / IOTA" I can't get it to work, I tried t...
17 Jan 2020, 12:26
Forum: General discussions
Topic: V2 & SOTA
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Re: V2 & SOTA

G4POP wrote:
16 Jan 2020, 21:06

We filter by country prefix to avoid the user having to troll through thousands of references, let me think about this!
Hello Terry,

What do you think controlling by grid locator , only near borders?
26 Jun 2019, 13:53
Forum: User Support
Topic: 60 meters
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Re: 60 meters

Hello Terry,

Thanks for sharing.
It sounds great, congratulations for all the work.