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29 Jul 2020, 09:30
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Filter Editing
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Re: Filter Editing

Hello John,

Excellent idea :D
I do agree with you, very, very and again...very usefull.
04 Jul 2020, 21:33
Forum: Error reports
Topic: IOTA Ref OK , SUB name empty!
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IOTA Ref OK , SUB name empty!

Hi When placing an IOTA reference in a contact and then in the "SUB" drop down list, I choose the exact island, I saved, however when I edit that qso, IOTA reference as well as the group name appear, but the "SUB" with the name of the island I selected does not appear, the SUB field is empty. Exampl...
02 Jul 2020, 15:28
Forum: Error reports
Topic: Load/save filter capabilites, possible issue.
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Load/save filter capabilites, possible issue.

Hi, I create a filter using a custom query ie sql code . My sql filter: qsodate>current_date The filter works, ok! I save the filter, ok! I Check the Json file and it contains the code created, ok! Issue: It does not load the filter that had been created using a custom query. A filter made using "Us...
01 Jul 2020, 14:15
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: List of Countries not Worked.
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Re: List of Countries not Worked.


Rich, nice you consider this "a nice feature", to talk about with the team. :D
I do agree, it would be very useful, and not only for countries, but also for Iota or, ..., ..., ..., dependig on the needs of each user, so would say a generic option for each Award.
26 Jun 2020, 21:26
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Additional Satellite Support
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Re: Additional Satellite Support

Hi It was my wish to have mentioned these needs before, but I have been forgetting to do so, now that I see this post, I also express my wish, it would be very interesting. :D The easiest way is through Satellite Mode, since each mode has an associated uplink and download band. By selecting the mode...
30 Apr 2020, 14:16
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Cluster spot always changes mode and filter width?
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Re: Cluster spot always changes mode and filter width?

HelloJames, I have no expireince iwth Icom, and what I am going to say may not make sense , but let me say it. :) There are radios that store settings internally and when we change bands or modes, it assumes the width in memory. Try to change the mode on the radio without having the CAT turned on an...
24 Apr 2020, 17:50
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Band Map
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Re: Band Map

G3ZSS wrote:
24 Apr 2020, 11:30
And frequency.
Hello Peter,

Yes, a kind of "Band Lock" as we already have in "Cluster / Filters"
24 Apr 2020, 17:47
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Cluster Scanner
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Re: Cluster Scanner

Please, please bring back the Cluster Scanner that was in version 1. It would be nice if the calls would be color coded for not worked, worked before etc. The band map, although it seems like a good idea is was too cluttered and not very useable. Thanks, Ray Mikula W9NZ Hello R$ay, During V1 I alwa...
24 Apr 2020, 17:33
Forum: General discussions
Topic: GUI layout suggestion
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Re: GUI layout suggestion

Please consider this layout. that would solve the the buttons being far away from the action. And you also lose the gray band all along the right side of Log4OM (Free real estate) gui.png Hello Marcel, I really like your idea. Even using the "Send Spot" button would be much more handy than having i...
14 Apr 2020, 14:06
Forum: Error reports
Topic: Granted status - problem
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Re: Granted status - problem

4x1zq wrote:
14 Apr 2020, 10:17
Is there a way to get Granted status from lotw directly or via a file ?
Hi Avishay,

Please give a look in Manual Page 74 - "LOTW download, point 4.

I think it could help you.
I have not used it yet.
Have a nice day.