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27 Jan 2019, 14:35
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Persistent Band Plan Configuration
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Re: Persistent Band Plan Configuration

FYI I edited the bandplan_r1.xml according to the Norwegian bandplan and saved it as "bandplan_dxcc266.xml"
Works great :-)
19 Jan 2019, 08:33
Forum: User Support
Topic: Band Plan Files
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Re: Band Plan Files

After a quick forum search,you may check this out:

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2739&p=16438&hilit= ... lan#p16438
17 Jan 2019, 18:20
Forum: User Support
Topic: QSO Error Attempt to write a read only database
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Re: QSO Error Attempt to write a read only database

Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E on your keyboard. Navigate to the location of the file you would like change attribut on. Select and right-click the file, And then select Properties from the drop-down menu that appears. Unhook the "read only" square. Maybe check out this post: ...
16 Jan 2019, 19:12
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Question about customizing cluster window
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Re: Question about customizing cluster window

Just put your mouse pointer between columns (on the top "Time - Callsign" etc ) and just move left or right.
15 Jan 2019, 21:05
Forum: User Support
Topic: Kenwood ts590sg + omni-rig
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Re: Kenwood ts590sg + omni-rig

Have you installed the latest USB driver for your Kenwwood TS 590 SG?
It can be found here: ... vcp_e.html
12 Jan 2019, 19:32
Forum: User Support
Topic: Another CAT Connection Issue
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Re: Another CAT Connection Issue

As Terry says do not trust any external backup software for your Log4OM installation. I use the full backup system that is included in Log4OM. My backups goes directly to my Onedrive & Dropbox accounts and manually every third day to a memory stick. I don`t take any chance loosing my Log4OM backups ...
12 Jan 2019, 19:16
Forum: User Support
Topic: LOTW Upload
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Re: LOTW Upload

I just made a "temp" directory on my F:\ Drive
Just enter the path in "Log4OM Settings" - "External Logs" "LoTW Settings"
"Temporary path" = In my case F:\temp
Works for me :-)
09 Aug 2018, 07:38
Forum: Error Reports
Topic: Strange error message when log entry deleted
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Re: Strange error message when log entry deleted

I get this one if I delete a qso from my log :

Capture.PNG (59.06 KiB) Viewed 1056 times