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by K0KO
06 Apr 2019, 20:48
Forum: User Support
Topic: Green Heron GHE Select 8
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Green Heron GHE Select 8

Has anyone setup a Green Heron antenna switch to track band changes on a Flex 6500 or Elecraft K3? I read that it tracks from the logging software frequency info, but can't find out where or how to get them to talk.

Thanks & 73,

Bill - K0KO
by W3LI
23 Feb 2019, 23:01
Forum: User Support
Topic: CAT control.
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CAT control.

While attempting to connect SSDR to the flex 6400M I have lost all CAT control of my TT Jupiter. Seems like SSDR has changed some settings including com ports.
com port now 10, baud now 9600, data 8, parity none, stop 1, RTS HIGH, DTR high.
Anything look out of line?
Thanks Andy...W3LI
by W3LI
18 Feb 2019, 17:34
Forum: User Support
Topic: Log4OM and Flex6400M
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Re: Log4OM and Flex6400M

Thanks for your reply Terry. Have OmniRig selected as it was when connected to the Orion2. Can not find where to select OmniRig in the flex software. I have been all over the place since you sent this statement. How easy it was to connect the O2 and Log4. These people have made things so ...
by G4POP
17 Feb 2019, 23:04
Forum: User Support
Topic: Log4OM and Flex6400M
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Re: Log4OM and Flex6400M

Use Omnirig to connect to your radio and select Omnirig in the Flex software

Log4OM and the Flex software will both work at the same time to operate your radio
by W3LI
17 Feb 2019, 22:04
Forum: User Support
Topic: Log4OM and Flex6400M
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Log4OM and Flex6400M

Lost my TenTec Orion 2 due to a lightning strike last Oct.. Finally settled with the Insurance Company and purchased a new Flex 6400M. Would like any comments or help from the folks here. I have downloaded the SSDR program the CAT program. I am running win 7. I do not see any Flex radio ...
08 Nov 2018, 17:56
Forum: General discussions
Topic: FLEX Radio Integration with DX Spots
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FLEX Radio Integration with DX Spots

Flex Radio’s latest software added the ability to have DX spots superimposed right on the waterfall, on each station. This feature requires that the logging software can rebroadcast the spots it receives from the DX Cluster. ...
by M0XMX
15 Oct 2018, 09:32
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Current V2 status
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Re: Current V2 status

... is as the core of that. You are definitely one of "the good guys" in amateur radio, in my opinion You and Darrin, KE9NS (author of Power SDR for Flex Radios) are amazing. I was/am a HRD subscriber yet sought an alternative a year ago when they were "customer alienation campaign". I use Log4OM ...
by w9tvx
11 Jul 2018, 01:17
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Integrate with the new SmartSDR Spots feature
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Integrate with the new SmartSDR Spots feature

SmartSDR v2.3 for Windowsintroduces a feature that allows Spots, supplied by third party programs, to be displayed directly in the Panadapter window. Some of these programs include N1MM, FRStack, Slicemaster, DXLabs, and Logger32. While there is no capability in SmartSDR to directly connect to a clu...
by NC4AB
02 Jul 2018, 02:17
Forum: Software Integration
Topic: Spots for SmartSDR
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Re: Spots for SmartSDR

I would also like the functionality of Log4om pushing the spots to the Flex software.

Andy / NC4AB