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12 Dec 2018, 10:11
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Latest Version Observation
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Re: Latest Version Observation

well, i don't have changed anything on layout... i love that...
08 Dec 2018, 14:01
Forum: User Support
Topic: QSO does not specify a time on line .... reply from lotw
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Re: QSO does not specify a time on line .... reply from lotw

Hi, please check if it's working correctly in the 1.35.0 as it was one of the fixed things.
08 Dec 2018, 13:58
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: New Awards
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Re: New Awards

Hi, thanks for reporting :) I'll check if they have a reference list that can be imported. If possible, they will be available soon via automatic updates. By the way i've completed a tool for porting awards from V1 to V2, as part of the work of rebuilding Log4OM so everything done in V1 will be avai...
08 Dec 2018, 13:57
Forum: User Support
Topic: MySQL not in sync, different amount of QSOs
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Re: MySQL not in sync, different amount of QSOs

Do you have mysql files synced on something like google drive or dropbox?
08 Dec 2018, 13:55
Forum: User Support
Topic: CAT stopped working & can't get it back...
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Re: CAT stopped working & can't get it back...

Not much, and nothing new/weird. Chrome, Mail, etc. OS is Win10. I’ve tried with only Log4OM, but no cigar. I get no error msgs or other flags. The CAT status ‘LED’ is not lighting, so something is breaking the comm link. Could this be .NET framework issue? Check log4om LOG file (in help menu). If ...
08 Dec 2018, 08:39
Forum: Italian language forum
Topic: LOG4OM & Cluster
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Re: LOG4OM & Cluster

Che cluster usi?
Se il cluster non ce la fa a stare dietro alle richieste può accadere che rallenti al punto di non riuscire a fornire risposte che il software ritiene quasi immediate.
01 Dec 2018, 22:16
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Cluster Server list
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Re: Cluster Server list

01 Dec 2018, 22:14
Forum: User Support
Topic: SOTA updates
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Re: SOTA updates

Asking 5.000.000 Euro to Santa Claus is more realistic :D
29 Nov 2018, 08:52
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Log4OM - JTAlertX - WSJT-X intercommunication
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Re: Log4OM - JTAlertX - WSJT-X intercommunication

Hi Laurie, i apologize about that. I wasn't aware about usage of the status file by your application. (ini is referred to the file format) I have asked sometimes if anyone was using the status file but i received no feedback, so i'm really happy you're using that feature. the status file was provide...
27 Nov 2018, 11:23
Forum: User Support
Topic: User Profile Problem
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Re: User Profile Problem

Yes, it's a serialization issue