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08 Jun 2020, 11:11
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Topic: Custom awards missing after update
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Re: Custom awards missing after update

Yes, no automatic re-import made yet.
04 Jun 2020, 10:49
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Topic: Error in uploading SAT mode into eQSL using version
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Re: Error in uploading SAT mode into eQSL using version

Yes, we monitor and check everything, but we need a bit of time to make our checks. According to our info we export PROP_MODE correctly with the correct code (SAT) if the user set this while logging his QSO (that's automatic selected starting from It seems EQSL expects "SATELLITE" in the PR...
28 May 2020, 14:09
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Topic: Winkeyer issue in
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Re: Winkeyer issue in

Hi, the only thing that changed is a DTREnable command sent during initialization phase to raise DTR pin and support serial winkeyers giving them the power they expect through the DTR pin.
That should not change anything i suppose...
26 May 2020, 03:47
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Topic: Problem with Import
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Re: Problem with Import

I'm checking that. It's probably an issue related to checks order. Dxcc is one of the most important fields imho and v1 exports it from first release, as well as all other fields (ADIF is the backup method for Log4OM 1 and 2 so we necessarily export everything). About response timings we read everyt...
21 May 2020, 08:50
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Topic: SOTA CSV upload
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Re: SOTA CSV upload

Hi Wojtek,
that's the original file not passed through excel or other application?
Because the code clearly states that the format should be dd/MM/yyyy so it's very strange and i need to try reproducing...
Let me know, thanks
14 May 2020, 20:30
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Topic: Log4OM 2 - Released
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Log4OM 2 - Released

Version 2.6.0 ⦁ [NEW] Serial winkeyer devices are now supported (added DTR pin HIGH on WK initialization) ⦁ [NEW] Added ADIF import checks for missing BAND/MODE. Log4OM tries to recover band from frequency if available. If found and MODE is missing, the mode will be retrieved from the bandplan as be...
14 May 2020, 17:26
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Topic: Adif import from HRD
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Re: Adif import from HRD

can you write here the ADIF row for this QSO as originally imported?
13 May 2020, 17:24
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Topic: Log4OM changes my station CQ and ITU zones
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Re: Log4OM changes my station CQ and ITU zones

phew... seems really strange as there are no data writers to this field in the whole code but...
i'm investigating
09 May 2020, 21:43
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Topic: errore invio qso a
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Re: errore invio qso a

Ciao, abbiamo identificato un problema in talune situazioni con HRDLog.
Sarà risolto con la versione 2.6 che uscirà a breve