Version released

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Version released

Post by G4POP » 19 Nov 2020, 07:13

Version is now available for download at

We identified the potential source of the deadlock experienced by some users. To prevent locks, until we fix it, disable the JTAlert option to send CALLSIGN to Log4OM user interface, in Log4OM 2 settings of JTAlert application

Release note – Version
⦁ [NEW] Added QSO date range in LOTW confirmations download
⦁ [NEW] Added friends list management in CHAT screen
⦁ [NEW] Contact matrix show in BLUE previous mode/band contacts with the current callsign
⦁ [NEW] If an award reference retrieved from cluster contains a known gridsquare this is used to show and save QSO info.
⦁ [NEW] SOTA references locators are now calculated with 6 digits
⦁ [NEW] Implemented non standard callsign file support
⦁ [NEW] Statistics on main UI now show the confirmation status for the current callsign, callsign on current band and callsign on current mode.
⦁ [NEW] Improved label printing. Added capability to print "my references" or "comment" on each single QSO in the label (if any). QSL Message and NOTE became a single field printed on label bottom area. All texs are optional.
⦁ Main UI threading code optimizations
⦁ Statistics area performance rework
⦁ Disable speed potentiomenter setting made persistant in Winkeyer options
⦁ VOACAP engine performance optimizations
⦁ Chat engine optimizations and protocol changes
⦁ Chat engine try to reconnection in case of external disconnection
⦁ Log-style screen performances enhanced
⦁ Improved logging of running threads
⦁ No more debug messages in CHAT screen when working in TRACE MODE log
⦁ UDP and CAT logging made optional in the main application log to reduce amount of data written to the log. 2 new options in the HELP menu -> LOG LEVEL sub menu
⦁ Fixed compatibility issue of telnet cluster relay server with Win4ICOM suite
⦁ Left area stats show/hide setting made persistant
⦁ [FIX] Fixed issue with automatic FCC updates when an EN.dat file was already available
⦁ [FIX] Fixed issue on LOTW QSL paper confirmation download that may have not correctly downloaded data in the past. If you recently submitted paper QSL to checkers please perform a full download of LOTW data from the stone age of your license
⦁ [FIX] Code optimizations (speed improvements) applied when dealing with duplicated spots coming from multiple connected clusters
⦁ [FIX] Multiple reference support handling on same spot fixed
⦁ [FIX] “incoming message” indicator now correctly open the CHAT screen
⦁ [FIX] LOTW station call (opt) not correctly set in the download screen. Fixed
⦁ [FIX] Mode and Band data lists not correctly updated from web under some circumstances
73 Terry G4POP