Obtaining support from Log4OM team

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Obtaining support from Log4OM team

Post by IW3HMH » 21 Oct 2014, 11:13

As you know Log4OM is made by a team of people. Some of them use their time in the project support for users to provide a good Log4OM experience for those users.

To make their work simple (and your one too, while requesting assistance) we have introduced a new function, released in Log4OM 1.19.0 that, with a few questions, will produce a "support request" providing us with some basic but very useful information.

The last item in the HELP menu will open a "request support form". Please type here your problem and your hardware configuration and any other information that could help identify the issue. On submit a ZIP file will be created, it contains the CURRENT LOG (the log of the current day - (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REPODUCED THE ISSUE AT LEAST ONCE IN THE CURRENT DAY BEFORE SUBMITTING A REQUEST) and your config files.

This information may contain some "sensitive" data, mainly your passwords for external services. Those passwords will not be used to any purpose except (and only if strictly needed) to catch the issue and provide good support. Passwords are encrypted into config file (nothing complex, but prevent accidental discovery) but they can be visible in the clear in some log file strings, when those passwords are provided as part of the communication protocol to external files.

At the end, the process will produce a small ZIP file, that you should send via email (not attached on forum!!!) or skype to the member of the Log4OM team that requests the log.

To avoid "mail bombing" please send the support file ONLY when requested by the support team member that is following your issue :D

Please note: this "service" is offered for free, by amateurs to other amateurs. We, as usual, are doing our best on a volunteer basis, so please appreciate the time spent helping you and have full respect for the people that are trying to help you, they also have day jobs. :D

Daniele IW3HMH
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH