Log4OM 1.23.0 Released

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Log4OM 1.23.0 Released

Post by IW3HMH » 15 Oct 2015, 22:04

New features

• Favourite memory feature
• Aide Memoire for tuner and amplifier settings
• Alternate QRG font layout as an option
• Ability to add a custom note in the program log (realtime log screen) to mark specific activities in the log for better view
• RX Frequency saved when available from CAT (Omnirig)
• Multiple instances of Log4OM can now run together from different folders (multiple Portable editions and max one installed edition)
• Winkeyer tune button relocated
• Enable selection of the message in labels from comment/note/qslmessage
• Added ability to export ADIF in a simplified version
• Enable merge for massive award reference import
• Country specific band plans
• New function that rescan log to find orphaned award references and reconnect with the correct one
• Option to MERGE awards when importing from CSV file
• Show frequency in manual QSL input screen
• Added <DELAY> command to cluster login script to add 1 sec delay each between commands
• eQSL retrieved with fixed extension not following user requirements
• LOTW members list filteres. Maximum age (last upload seen) set to 1 year

Resolved issues

• Better support for CAT on ICOM rigs (OMNIRIG)
• Added user authentication while accessing IK3QAR online services
• Cluster wrongly highlights already worked/confirmed modes
• Error in SOTA visualization, export worked correctly
• Incorrect Number of Active countries in awards section fixed
• Distance recalculation when updating locator in QSO edit window
• Issue on label print when skip set
• cannot record RX power
• Qso Edit doesn’t effectively remove GridSquare
• Issue with case sensitive cluster during login
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