Log4OM 1.14.0 Released

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Log4OM 1.14.0 Released

Post by IW3HMH » 07 Jun 2013, 20:15

We have just released Log4OM 1.14.0 with some interesting changes:

Release Notes.

- Alerts – The DX Cluster now includes a new ‘Alert’ system that is configurable to alert a user of a most wanted country, band, mode, IOTA or call sign.
Messages are sent by Email and messages are forwarded to iPhone, Android or Windows phone, iPad or another computer using the free Growl for Windows software.
The notification system also provides on screen visual alerts on the main computer.

- LOTW - Log4OM has been updated to support the new release of TQSL 1.14 and continues to support the previous version 1.13
The new version of TQSL is also able to accept the optional signed certificate password if set on TQSL Password setting in the settings screen.
The future of TQSL 1.13 is unknown but it will probably be supported for some time.

- LOTW upload and download paths in Log4OM have been amended in line with recent LOTW changes.

- Automatic QSO upload for users of HamQTH logbook

- Filters are now applied to the small cluster in addition to the F2 & F9 cluster windows.

- Link added to Log4OM forum.

- Scrolling function in awards issue now resolved.

- Cluster window now retaining its size on restart.

- Region 1 band plan updated to include 70cm
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH