Log4OM 1.25 release

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Log4OM 1.25 release

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We think Log4OM is now mature enough to fit your needs and let you enjoy your Ham Radio activity while waiting for next, hopefully exciting, release.

After latest 1.25 release, In the interest of improving, expanding and generating a World Class Logging program equal to none, we have made the decision to stop any further improvements or additions to the current version of Log4OM.

Only critical bugs will continue to be corrected in the current version.

We welcome any and all new feature suggestions as we continue to work on Version 2 of Log4OM.
So, please report any verified bugs and continue to put forward suggestions. Each will be taken into consideration as always.

Bugs in the current version will be corrected with all suggestions or additional needs seriously considered for Version 2.

I wish to say THANKS to Terry, Chuck and the whole Team for those years together. This new project will be something new and exciting for us. Log4OM V2 is under way

Release notes Version 1.25.0 download from http://www.log4om.com/dl/

New features

– New locator functions in main UI: NEW GRID / NEW GRID ON BAND / NEW GRID ON MODE labels
– New locator statistics in Statistics & Awards (new tab)
– Added internet status check every 5 minutes. If disconnected some service are not invoked. This should speed up operations and avoid issues with external software logging into Log4OM when not connected to Internet
– CAT suspend now reset RX and TX frequencies to zero to avoid incorrect logging
– Regular expression filters in Cluster now work for Callsign also (note highlight)
– Cluster heartbeat interval personalizable (in Log4OMUI.exe.config xml file)
– Internet connection check: Log4OM is aware of current internet connection status and *some* functions will not run if not connected. Functions that may works in local area network are unaffected (cluster). Internet status can be seen and overrided in first SETTINGS page.
– More space for callsign in the label top section
– New start parameter “CONFIG=<ConfigurationId>”. Config ID is available in settings page.
– Added QRZCQ support to label printing

Resolved issues and optimizations

– WAS awards – if one record has no state all records for band appear in NOT FOUND row at bottom
– OmniRig users, after some time, clicking on spot changes mode, but not frequency.
– CAT fails on settings save
– Clublog sometime not checked when adding historical QSO in main user interface
– When start time rolls over at 0000 UTC, Date does not
– QSO End date in manual mode with END REAL TIME flag checked issue
– QRZ.COM upload issue (password and special chars issue)
– Optimization of calls on IK3QAR website for manager retrieval
– EQSL last check fixed
– Optimizations in award management function
– LOTW Sent date is not saved in UTC format. Fixed
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