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Log4OM 1.31.0 Released

Posted: 27 Jan 2018, 23:38
Release notes Version 1.31.0

- Added IOTAMAPS.ORG support on IOTA panel.
- Added more controls on TCP incoming calls to check payoad before deserialization (trace mode)
- Added checks to WAS import in order to try fixing non coherent data for USA, Alaska and Hawaii. Improvements on WAS award recognization
- Updated historic SCL file
- New log4om.status/ communicator.status files created in INI format on C:\ (for portable version) or settings folder (for installed version) in order to provide auto-configuration informations to JTAlert and other software.
- Fixed mysql query issue on statistics (thanks Dom M0BLF for the catch)
- Fixed an issue with Communicator that prevented under some circumstances the restart of TCP services after a previous stop
- Fixed a label inversion in Settings - CAT & Cluster (italian version only)
- Bandplan files updated (Region 1). Note: User modified bandplan (_user.xml) prevent use of official files
- Fixed refresh button on locator statistics map