Log4OM 1.33.0 Released

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Log4OM 1.33.0 Released

Post by IW3HMH » 29 Jun 2018, 15:55

Release notes Version 1.33.0

- Fixed massive QSO update country functionalities
- Added a new backup function (always active with main backup - not on secondary) to keep the last backup of each month in /backup/historic folder (or user defined folder)
- Log optimized for multi thread and parallel executions introduced in 1.32.0
- Wait and result message added in massive Clublog upload
- Italian version. Restored misplaced PWR field
- Added flags in CAT settings to manage REVERSE in some rigs (USB is REVERSE not NORMAL on some rigs, including ICOM and ELECRAFT). Side band will be reversed on outbound requests
- Separated VFO A and VFO B transverter offset in settings screen
- Separated VFO A and VFO B transverter offset in SATELLITE screen (F6)
- Added ability to disable transverter offset in realtime on each VFO in SATELLITE screen (F6)
- Optimizations on award management load from XML (skipping dupes)
- Fixed configuration to comply with unexpected version namespace change in Clublog files
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