log4OM 1.11.5 Released

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log4OM 1.11.5 Released

Post by IW3HMH » 03 Feb 2013, 22:05


- SO2R – Easy change between Rig 1 and Rig 2 (Omnirig only)
- Net control feature added. More functions will come in the future
- DXCC Challenge award added
- EXTERNAL DATABASE auto update function selectable from SETTINGS menu (Enable auto update)
- Ability to modify and save an existing search parameter without overwriting the original
- Detached windows now remembers their last position on closing
- Complied with .NET Framework 4.0 to allow future use of multicore CPU
- Statistics analysis by band and mode on cluster selection
- More filters added on statistic analysis (band and mode added in some screens)
- Provided choice of message in label print (PSE/TNX QSL) based on QSL received status (from settings)
- Edit is now working again in the label print window
- Consistency in terminology in cluster windows
- Missing data in edit & Input screens
- Log frequency decimals fixed
- Fixed an issue with passwords containing special characters on QRZ/HAMQTH
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