Omnirig 2.0 support

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Omnirig 2.0 support

Post by G4POP » 24 Jan 2019, 08:15

We have been trying to add support for Omnirig 2.0, which allows connection of up to 4 radios, for some weeks now but there is an issue because Omnirig 2.0 doesn't register itself in the COM stack, so we can't get the COM object for Omnirig.

Additionally any updates to the rig ini file in the com, results in the added Rigs not being visible, so it seems the object is registered, but properties are not updated… something is missing.

Lele and I have both written to the author of Omnirig 2.0 but he has completely ignored our emails and unfortunately we cannot add this enhancement without his cooperation.

As a result there will not be support for this enhanced version of Omnirig in the foreseeable future and we will continue to support Alex's original version of Omnirig.
73 Terry G4POP