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Version Released

Post by G4POP » 02 Jul 2020, 09:32

Visit our web site for the latest release and please download the latest user guide for the most recent additions.

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Release note – Version
• [NEW] Contact map has been added on every QSO grid in the bottom options. The map will show 4 and 6-digits locator of the contact (if available). Double click on large or small grid will provide a list of QSO. Filters are applied if set.
• [NEW] Added FT4/FT8 cluster filters in cluster VIEW tab and band map
• [NEW] Added sunrise/sunset data of the selected QSO below greyline map
• [NEW] When KHz area of frequency receives a decimal (or thousand) separator as input, the focus will move to Hz. This will allow adding frequency a more straightforward activity.
• [NEW] Ptt toggle option to switch TX/RX on single keypress instead of constant keypress (settings - CAT)
• [NEW] Frequency is sent to PSTRotator when changed by more than 10KHz (SteppIR antenna only)
• [NEW] QSO massive date/time update added to QSO Management
• [NEW] Added load/save filter capabilities to grids
• [NEW] Added load/save buttons on QSO Management direct query
• [NEW] You can now update MY REFERENCES and MY ASSOCIATIONS massively on QSO Management screen
• Winkeyer now accept ENTER key both in direct and normal mode. In Direct type mode the string is saved into log and cleared, while in normal mode the string is sent without needs to use the SEND button
• Band map now has maximum age spot parameter in cluster settings
• Optimizations in map image loading functions
• Internal log optimizations
• Added more eQSL details on UPLOAD screen
• FSK441 and MSK144 modes now reports in dB on RST dropdown lists
• ADIF import: improved country reorganization when no DXCC is provided
• ADIF import: an alert is now reported if the MODE / SUBMODE is not recognized.
• QSO edit form now shows inactive countries
• TQSL routine hardened. Added 120sec timeout
• Added new award option to prevent multiple references on the same QSO for awards that does not allow this behavior
• Blocked multiple reference creation on single QSO on awards that allows only 1 reference on QSO. NOTE: That will NOT prevent multiple references creation if identified automatically by external sources.
• [FIX] Winkeyer. Fixed issue when typing ENTER key in direct mode
• [FIX] Massive QSO update LAT/LONG error fixed
• [FIX] Band RX cleared when CAT disconnected
• [FIX] Band Map horizontal line not shown when confirmation view is selected but nothing is needed for that QSO.
• [FIX] Fixed default values for LOTW, QSL, EQSL sent and received status on ADIF import when that info are missing in the inbound flow.
• [FIX] Supercluster not shown when reporter continent filter is set in cluster.
• [FIX] EQSL Satellite mode upload fixed
• [FIX] Fixed deadlock on program closure when update activities were running in background
• [FIX] Fixed import issue for MY_CQ_ZONE and MY_ITU_ZONE
• [FIX] MyReferences field empty in QSL Manager
73 Terry G4POP