linking to HRD

Regarding connecting to external program's.
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linking to HRD

Post by AB4RW » 23 Jul 2017, 00:25

Hello all, new to log4om and group, i have looked in forums and dont see an answer, but im sure i am missing it. dont claim to be the smartest cookie in the jar, but, i am trying to link log4om to hrd, version of hrd im using is free version) to log4om version of i have somewhat red the instructions and cant seem to get it working, i have communicator working, have box checked for UDP connection, and it says its running, and on adif file polling, i have looked in folder where log is but dont see a adif file to link, on HRD i have checked the udp box, it ask for an address but not sure what address or port to put there, tried several ports, 8080, 8081, and 2236. at bottom of communicator its says connected to,
any help appreciated, by the way rig control not connected if that matters
i hope i have included enough information, Thanks in advance.

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Re: linking to HRD

Post by G4POP » 24 Jul 2017, 06:42

Page 184 of the user guide covers the integration of Log4OM and he HRD product DM780

The integration is only for logging not for rig control

The integration doe not use an ADIF file it is a UDP stem as detailed in the user guide

You need to adjust the HRD settings also detailed in the user guide
73 Terry G4POP

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