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Re: DX Calendar

Post by G4POP » 28 Jan 2013, 17:14

ct1bxx wrote:Hi Terry,
Many thanks for your interest.
An easy way to call the operator attention is to have an icon in "Not Visible" and it changes to "Visible" if it is time to remind. It can be near from "ADD" "CLR" buttons. This new button must appear with some days in advance, and must be mantained till opetaror's desire.
When the icon/button is visible, if we click on it, it opens a window showing the content. It also could show the SCL List.
In this window we must have another button to clean the event we do not need anymore.
This window is where we fill with the things we need, at least:
Call, begining Date, End date and a Comment field.

73 Manuel Fernando - CT1BXX
OK Manuel,
Now we are close to having a plan!

1. Event alert window to display SCL activities for the month ahead.
2. In the event alert window a choice to set or disable an alert.
3. When an alert is enabled a selection of alert time, like 24, 48 or 72 hours before event or event start time.
4. Alert icon with perhaps a pop up notice that activates when ther is an alert.
5. Pop up window to show details of call, location, start and end date/times
6. Cancel icon beside the alert icon to disable the alert.

Please add features or amend the above where I have made a mistake or missed a point

73 Terry G4POP

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Re: DX Calendar

Post by LA9FFA » 28 Jan 2013, 17:51

I`ve tried so many log programs, so it not so easy to remember all. But one I remember very well was my old log program PlusV4 its a dos program.
witch I used for all my dos/Win95/98 periode .You have to add dxpeditions manually DX call- Start date - End date , (those of intresst for you )
and a red popup square and a sound would appear on the start date of the dxpedition. I dont remember if this showed up at start up or inside the
program.I did not use it much.this was i the beginning of my dx life. author was KD7P now N7XR Robert Winters.
73`s De Rolf LA9FFA.

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