A couple of feature suggestions

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A couple of feature suggestions

Post by CR7ALW » 11 Jan 2017, 21:34

Hello guys.
First of all, thanks for this amazing piece of software!

As a way to contribute to this project, here are some ideas I'd like to leave you with:

Fist, the kml export feature. For some reason, it never worked on any of my computers. A win 7x64 and a win 8.1x64. Maybe it's because I use Google Earth pro? So I suggest instead of Log4OM making a call for Google Earth, it could just let me export the kml file and avoid further complications.
Also, it would require a bit more of work, but what about an updating kml? It's possible to make a kml file make a periodic call and update what it's displaying. So maybe that would be interesting to explore? A kml file that one would have saved on his Google Earth places and it would make a periodic call for another kml somewhere with updated info. That's an idea.

Also, a small touch that would help: I use the keyboard a lot to cycle between the tabs on log4OM. QSO info/awards/cluster, etc etc. But that removes the cursor from the callsign field. And then I can't get back to it with the keyboard. It would be interesting if liek F1 was for the callsign field. It would make for sure a smoother experience, in my opinion.

Also, I think it would be interesting it log4OM allowed the reading of multiple adif files automatically. Log4OM communicator connects with fldigi and reads it's adif and logs the QSOs. It would be interesting to be able to possible to add multiple adifs to be periodically checked for QSOs. That way it would be easy to log contacts from many digital modes softwares without them supporting log4OM officially or having to do it manually.

That's what I remember right now. Besides that, other than minor bug fixes (like the cluster not staying sorted when using a sort other than time), it's a great piece of software and I really enjoy it!


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Re: A couple of feature suggestions

Post by G4POP » 13 Jan 2017, 09:19

Thank you for your contribution
73 Terry G4POP

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