Your ideas for making Log4OM even better.
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Post by KW0RH » 16 Mar 2017, 14:42

With declining propagation the digital modes are going to become even more prevalent in the coming months and my wish would be to make the program more RTTY/digital friendly.

For instance, have the cluster indicate the individual digital mode (RTTY/PSK31/JT-65 etc) instead of grouping everything into the catch-all of "digital". Same for awards--there is now WAS RTTY, WAS JT-65, WAS JT-9, etc but all I can see is "WAS Digital". :(

Also, a forum search turns up a lot of discussion in the forum a few years back about Log4OM interoperability with MMTTY but nothing has appeared on that front recently. Has something happened to derail that effort or am I just missing it?

Thanks for a great piece of software!
Rick K0VC

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