Dropdown with recently entered callsigns

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Dropdown with recently entered callsigns

Post by HB9NBN » 01 Jan 2018, 21:49

First of all: Thanks a lot to all of you working on Log4OM! I started to use this awesome piece of software some days ago and I got a huge improvement in logging and administrating QSOs within few hours... Great! Really great! HAM is much fun now :D

What I would appreciate to see is a function that allows to easily recall recently entered callsigns (like the dropdown 'Recent Callsign Lookups' in QRZ.com). I often jump from frequency to frequency and just enter the callsigns heard on the QRG to get information about the stations and my QSL needs. When returning to a heard station, re-typing of appropriate callsign is needed. A dropdown list with 10 to 15 entries (e.g. activated by double-clicking the callsign field) would help to prevent annoying, fault-prone re-typing of callsigns.

Thanks a lot for taking my proposal into consideration.

Best 73 de Nicco, HB9NBN

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