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Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 03 Jul 2018, 08:28
I'm working on, but space as separator is not a good choice, as this:

AO-7|AMSAT-OSCAR 7 432150 LSB 145950 USB

is parsed differently than

AO-92|AMSAT-OSCAR-92 435350 FM 145880 FM

due the space between OSCAR and 7 that is considered a separator and will be read instead of frequency

Suggested format will be (the one i'm working on)


Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 04 Jul 2018, 10:12
by oh8fks
IW3HMH wrote:
03 Jul 2018, 08:28
I'm working on, but space as separator is not a good choice, as this:
Yes, I agree. Furthermore I don't know what we gain in having both the short and long version of the satellite name. In any case using "|" as a separator is the best choice. Thanks for your collaboration!

Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 19 Sep 2018, 13:08
by oh8fks

Is this update going to be included in version 2 or in one of the update of version 1?

Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 23 Sep 2018, 17:51
by K7TAB
This is a FANTASTIC idea. However, I would love to see it taken a step or two further. For many satellites, the frequencies and modes may vary. I would like to see a way to have frequencies/mode set by either the Sat/SatMode selection OR by using the second field (description?) in Satellites.txt. Perhaps there are other, and even better ways to accomplish this that I haven't thought of.

Re: Two Names for the Satellite
While in satellites.txt, we seem to have two duplicated names, that may not really be the case. The shortened name is, or should be, the ADIF standard name of the satellite. The TQSL config.xml file would be an excellent reference here. Also, note that the XML contains a start date and optional end date for the Satellite. Use of these dates in filtering the Satellite selection would be VERY helpful. Satellite operators are encouraged, but not required, to submit for an AMSAT Oscar number. I do not believe that it is required to have an Oscar number to have the satellite supported in the LOTW. The value of the second name may be, although short lived, a bridge from the LOTW name to the name given by the satellite operator (ie Fuji-Oscar-29 (FO-29) was originally named JAS2). It doesn't appear that the second name has been extensively used in this fashion, however.

Some examples of Satellites with multiple Sat modes, presented in a modification of your example.
AO-92|AMSAT-OSCAR 92 (Fox-1D) UV|UV|435350|FM|145880|FM|2018-01-12|
AO-92|AMSAT-OSCAR 92 (Fox-1D) LV|LV|1267360|FM|145880|FM|2018-01-12|
NO-84|NO-84 (PSAT) X.25 APRS|V|145825|PKT|||2015-05-20|
NO-84|NO-84 (PSAT) PSK31|AU|28120|PSK31|435350|PSK31|2015-05-20| // Uplink 28.120 PSK31 SSB, Downlink 435.350 PSK31 FM
AO-7|ZombieSat AO-7 Mode B SSB|UV|432150|SSB|145950|SSB|1974-11-15|
AO-7|ZombieSat AO-7 Mode B CW|UV|432150|CW|145950|CW|1974-11-15|
AO-7|ZombieSat AO-7 Mode A SSB|VA|145900|SSB|29450|SSB|1974-11-15|
AO-7|ZombieSat AO-7 Mode A CW|VA|145900|CW|29450|CW|1974-11-15|
RS-10|RS-10 Mode A SSB|VA|145880|SSB|29380|SSB|1987-06-23|2000-11-01 // Non-Operational
RS-10|RS-10 Mode A CW|VA|145880|CW|29380|CW|1987-06-23|2000-11-01 // Non-Operational

Just some thoughts that may, eventually, be used to improve satellite logging in LOG4OM! And, yes, I would love to help you assemble the required data if needed!

Thanks & 73!
--Chris K7TAB

Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 24 Sep 2018, 10:19
by oh8fks
Here is the list of satellites supported by LoTW: ... ions/#sats

And for what concerns satellites having multiple uplink and downlink frequencies, there is no big problem, as the information is introduced by satellite.txt file. The important thing is to have log4om update automatically TX and RX frequencies as well as mode. The rest (multiple uplinks and downlinks) can be updated in the satellite.txt file. This is a very important feature for those who update QSOs manually.

Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 28 Oct 2018, 12:21
by oh8fks
Just to know, is this feature planned to be implemented in 2.0 or we could expect it also in 1.xx?

Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 11:35
by oh8fks
Any news about this feature?

Re: Satellite frequencies in manual mode

Posted: 14 Aug 2019, 15:26
by G4POP
oh8fks wrote:
14 Aug 2019, 11:35
Any news about this feature?
It definitely will not be in version 1 which is on maintainence only because we are full time on V2, which will go to Beta testing very soon.

Inclusion in version 2 will not be immediate but I suspect it will be included a couple of releases after the initial launch.