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Total number of QSOs selected in Label Print

Posted: 23 Jul 2018, 08:45
by 5B4AJT
Could we please have the total number of QSOs ticked showing on the <Label Print> 'QSO Selection' Tab? To avoid waste due to mis-feeds etc I like to print one page of labels at a time - in this case 24 labels per page.
It would be very handy to have an incremental total shown somewhere on the page so I can move to the 'QSO Analysis' and then 'Print' tabs each time the total reaches 24. At present I have to count the cards two or three times to make sure I have exactly 24 to be printed.
Can I also ask - again - for the name of the database in use to be displayed in large bold type in the blank area to the right of the 'Rig' selection box. I know it is shown in the bottom right hand corner but the typeface is small and the position is not very obvious. When juggling multiple log databases it is all too easy to not notice which one is currently loaded.
Thank you :D