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Call lookup

Post by G4POP » 30 Mar 2013, 22:26

We get questions from users about call lookup, perhaps this extract from the user guide will help to explain.

Log4OM has the most accurate call sign lookup system of any software available.

The first step that Log4OM takes is to determine exactly what the call sign is from inputs such as CT/G4POP/P, VP2M/K7PT or J5/IW3HMH/M.

Operators that incorrectly use the country prefix as a suffix e.g. G4POP/CT/P or K7PT/VP2M cause further complications.

Unfortunately to enable correct matching in LOTW and eQSL submissions Log4Om has to present these incorrect layouts as received.

In the case of K7PT/VP2M this is an American operator in Montserrat and Log4OM must display the following data correctly.

Country = Montserrat
DXCC = 96
ITU zone = 11
CQ zone = 8
QSL route
Heading and distance to Montserrat (Not Phoenix Arizona)
Display the correct heading from the operators location to Montserrat correctly on the grey line map.
Worked before Band/Mode data for awards = Montserrat

Assuming that the user has correctly completed the Log4OM options regarding his own station location details and the lookup information for external sources in the ‘Settings 1’ tab of the options window then the flow for defining a call sign and lookup data will be as follows.

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73 Terry G4POP