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Importing an N1MM ADIF file

Posted: 04 Mar 2016, 10:53
by G4POP
The problems are a recurring issue with N1MM not conforming to the ADIF format in its entirety. Some of the N1MM are ADIF standard fields but many are program specific.

The correct ADIF state format is <STATE:2>MN

Whereas N1MM uses <APP_N1MM_EXCHANGE1:2>MN (APP indicates that this is an application specific field, not a standard ADIF field)

Log4OM maintains a strict adherence to the ADIF format and will not import special program specific fields, just think how many different import routines would be required to encompass all the different program specific fields for every different logging program that has ever been written? That said, to my knowledge no other software imports any program specific fields from other programs either!

The other issue is that N1MM does not provide a country name nor DXCC number in its ADIF export so we have nothing to import into Log4OM!

However Log4OM can overcome these shortcomings in other software quiet easily, when importing an N1MM ADIF file do the following:

1. During the ADIF import check the box 'Update countries in ADIF' - This will add the missing DXCC number and country name by checking each call sign prefix against our databases.

2. Once the import is completed go to the Log4OM QSO Archive manager and check the box 'Enable Update'

3. Select all of the QSO's by clicking the 'Select All' button at the bottom of the window.

4. Click on the 'Update info' button at the top of the window - This checks every QSO against QRZ or HamQTH for any missing information, including the missing states.

Providing the information is available from the online lookup service that is used all of the fields will be filled, there may be the odd couple of missing ones which will have to be updated manually.

Re: Importing an N1MM ADIF file

Posted: 04 Mar 2016, 11:32
by K7PT
Just one added note to Terry's instructions:

For QRZ to work, you must be a paid subscriber.