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Posted: 12 May 2018, 04:36
by EC6DX

I need help because I find 1 problem with my Log4OM and I did not find an answer myself.

1. When I insert a callsign in the Log (QSO info), Locator is not inserted automatically in the small box... but Locator is on the right area where we can find SP / LP distance, Kms, etc ... When I try to "update info" does not work and it is not imported...

it happens from my last upload version 1 month ago... I was checking locators no info from this date...

I check all my passwords in and is perfect...

I will be very happy if somebody can help me because it is an important thing.

73 de Jose EC5AC

PS: where I can change my Personal info, I tried because I have another Callsign and I did not find it...

Re: Locator

Posted: 12 May 2018, 05:42
by G4POP
It is because you are only a 'HAM MEMBER' of QRZ not a paid XML subscriber, Ham Members dont get a full data download which means you do not receive Locator and other data from QRZ

This is not a Log4OM problem

Re: Locator

Posted: 12 May 2018, 06:40
by EC6DX
Hi Terry,

First of all... thanks to remember me that I must renovate my XML suscription... I did not renovate in March... more or less when I start to have this problem...

I think is working good !!!!!

Well done... as usual...

73 de Jose EC5AC

How can I change my EA5IDQ profile for EC5AC ???

Re: Locator

Posted: 12 May 2018, 06:54
by G4POP
Although your QRZ page has now got the XML badge it still shows Ham Member just below your details so probably subscriptions and Data base departments dont communicate to fast :D

Use my call for lookup as I know that QRZ works with it OK.

Apart from that I cant see anything wrong in Log4OM