The Data files - What are they all about?

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The Data files - What are they all about?

Post by G4POP » 21 Jan 2013, 18:50

Lets have a closer look at the different databases that can be downloaded from the 'Settings' menu in LOG4OM.

This database contains all of the eligible IOTA entities (Island Groups) and it is maintained by the RSGB, it is 100% accurate with relation to the island groups but there are some errors in other data areas e.g. Some DXCC numbers are incorrect.

This data base does not need downloading very often because changes to the island groups does not happen often, monthly is probably sufficient.

Country file
The country file is maintained and regularly updated by Chuck K7PT and is possibly the most accurate DXCC listing available.

Chuck issues notices on the LOG4OM forum when he makes changes but it is a good idea to update this file once a month.

Special Call List (SCL)
There are many DXpeditions each year and these expeditions and other operations use special call signs and prefixes. Chuck K7PT has been maintaining a massive database of these SCL's for many years to ensure that when a call is entered the correct information is available.

These special calls are frequently updated and users are strongly advised to download the SCL list on a daily basis to ensure accuracy of the QSO data being recorded.

Clublog Data.
Club Log is a web-based application that analyses log files from radio amateurs all over the world. The data extracted from these logs is compiled into a unique database of call exceptions, which when used in conjunction with Chucks special call list ensures ultimate accuracy of data.The Clublog file should also be updated by the user on a daily basis.

LOTW members list.
This database is maintained by Fritz Staub HB9ZA and is used in the cluster window to identify stations the use LOTW. As this list I'd subject to frequent change it is recommended that it is updated daily.

Please note this is not an official list, as the ARRL never considered releasing such a list as useful. This is a compilation of information from many sources, including the DX-Cluster, DX bulletins, WEB sites and files received from other LoTW users.

The IOTA, country, SCL, LOTW and the full Clublog exceptions files are included with every fresh installation of LOG4OM but they are only correct at the time of issue so the user is strongly advised to update all files after each new installation.

Other data downloads


The ARRL only provide a match of QSO's to provide the verification status of QSL's and these matches are downloaded by LOG4OM in ADIF format already and the users LOTW QSL status is updated automatically from this file.

However despite various software developers and members of the ADIF group repeatedly requesting that the ARRL provide more data download options e.g. Award credit submitted and granted status, the ARRL steadfastly refuse to add such facilities.

LOG4OM and other ham radio program's use all of the available ADIF fields including the Awards fields so it is possible to exchange this data between different program's but at this time it cannot be uploaded or downloaded to the ARRL.

The IOTA system works fine for contest stations, already having the ability to upload contest logs in ADIF format but for the normal user all IOTA data must be entered manually.

Similarly it is not possible to download a users IOTA statistics and be able to update a logbook!

Hopefully this will change in the near future as Dominic, the main data person at IOTA, is now developing an ADIF system as the first step toward a more streamlined IOTA data flow. LOG4OM will be assisting with the testing of this new system in the near future.

There are download facilities including the download of received QSL cards and eQSL users these are on the LOG4OM new features list.

Terry G4POP
73 Terry G4POP