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Worked All states

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 22:22
by KQ5S
I have lived in multiple locations in the US that are more than 25 miles apart so each QTH counts for a separate WAS award. I can, however, count all the US contacts for DXCC.

How does Log4OM handle multiple QTHs and WAS. I don't believe having a separate log file for each QTH would work since I need to count all QSOs for DXCC, etc.

Tom - KQ5S

Re: Worked All states

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 22:26
by KQ5S
Looking through the manual it appears that multiple profiles may be the answer?


Re: Worked All states

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 22:44
by DF5WW
Hi Tom,

multiple profiles are only a part of this. Think you must have a seperate Database for each of those when
the Station callsign and the Operator callsign are the same and not different e.g. like KQ5S/7.

In those seperate databases you have only the contacts for the different locations and, if the profile is
active, you see only the WAS stats for this one.

;) ;)

Re: Worked All states

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 22:55
by KQ5S
Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think the program will not work for me. Having separate databases means I can not count all QSOs I have for DXCC. I need to be able to track WAS only for my current QTH so including all QSOs into one database means my WAS statistics will include all my QTHs which will not work.

I'm sure I am not the only person to have multiple QTHs with the same call sign.

By the way, I lived in Wiesbaden for several years in the late 1990s.


Re: Worked All states

Posted: 05 Feb 2018, 10:40
by G4POP
Actually this is a very good point but one that has no arisen before!

I will suggest to the team that we include a 'Search parameter' facility in all of the awards windows which would then allow selection of QSO's applicable to a particular grid square which would be ideal for this user to select just those QSO's from a particular QTH.

It would also enable refining by year, call or any other parameter and this would resolve some other deficiencies in the award displays.

For now I suggest that this user exports QSO's applicable to each location as an ADIF file and then, just for the purpose of award reports or claims, uses those to create separate databases while retaining the original combined database for general logging.

Use the search parameters to select just those QSO's from your separate grid references before each export.

If your location grid references are missing, perhaps they were not recorded by some other logging software, then use the QSO manager to select QSO's by date range for each location and bulk edit the grid locator