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WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 03:09
Hi Folks,

I have been fooling around with the WWFF award references and managed to mangle them up pretty well. I downloaded the CSV file for the references, but I'm certain it isn't importing correctly. I think there are some secret incantations and manipulations that have to be done on the file first. Is that correct? Can they be done by mere mortals? :?

Dana, KA1WPM

Re: WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 06:07
by G4POP
No mystic arts required, did you watch the YouTube tutorial here? ... yavI-azOug

Re: WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 11:17
No, I haven't. I will give it a look today. Thanks, Terry!

Re: WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 15 Aug 2018, 02:17

I've looked at the video and uploaded a part of the CSV file I downloaded from the WWFF site. The fields do need to be manipulated a bit to be in the right order. I can see how trying to replace the prefixes with the DXCC IDs can be a daunting task. I only updated the Canadian parks.

So, I'm close, but I haven't done something right. Somehow the DXCC was set as 0 for all of the new parks I merged in. It had an adverse affect on all of the Canadian entities, but I don't fully understand how.

Is it important not to have any extra fields at the end of each line? I left some fields on each line, assuming that they would be skipped. Here are 3 lines including a header line.

VEFF-0001,Alaksen National Wildlife Area,,,National Wildlife Area,,1,0000-00-00,0000-00-00,VEFF,VE,VE,VE,NA,-,-,49.10152,-123.17253,Cat V,0000-00-00,0000-00-00,National Wildlife Area,2017-09-20 by i5fln,"2017-09-20 by i5fln - Approved<br>2017-09-19 by OK2APY - Updated: Website, IUCN category, State, Lat/Lon, Locator, Region",0,, ... ,Canada,BC
VEFF-0002,Aulavik National Park (Banks Island),,,National Park - IOTA NA-129,,1,0000-00-00,0000-00-00,VEFF,VE,VE,VE,NA,-,-,73.6021,-119.40411,Cat II,0000-00-00,0000-00-00,National Park - IOTA NA-129,2017-09-27 by VA3RJ - Updated,"2017-09-27 by VA3RJ - Updated: IUCN category<br>2017-09-20 by i5fln - Approved<br>2017-09-19 by OK2APY - Updated: Website<br>2017-09-19 by OK2APY - Updated: Website, State, IOTA, Lat/Lon, Locator, Region, Notes",0,,,Canada,NT

It is close, just a matter of seeing what doesn't belong.


Re: WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 15 Aug 2018, 05:46
by G4POP
Why dont you delete the awards and download a fresh set?

Re: WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 16 Aug 2018, 01:56
Actually, I did that just yesterday. It worked well, too. However, some 800 new parks have been added to the Canadian parks. I am trying to augment the list with these additions.

Now that I am sure I can delete the award and download it fresh, I can keep working on it until I get it right. (It gives me something to do when the bands are dead.)


Re: WWFF CSV file from WWFF Website

Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 13:59
by VK5PL
Dana, you seem to have a lot more columns than you need. It is for WWFF so you don't need IOTA details, they would go in the IOTA award file.
I have been adding new VK parks to my WWFF in Log4OM.
Here is the first 3 lines and header of a CSV I just added.
VKFF-2897,Calverts Lagoon Conservation Area,VKFF,,,,150,,
VKFF-2898,Coles Bay Conservation Area,VKFF,,,,150,,
VKFF-2899,Cressy Beach Conservation Area,VKFF,,,,150,,

WE have tried before to add in dates but even Terry could not figure out what was wrong so I leave them out. If you look at a reference that is already in the WFF award in Log4OM you can see what fields are needed.