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DXCC Award help

Posted: 03 Sep 2018, 20:21
by N5ZY
I downloaded the ADIF of all my DXCC Award credits, used an ADIF to Excel converter and then I compared each to Log4OM. For each one I found in Log4OM that did not reflect the award I updated the QSO Awards tab with the proper DXCC credit. Surprisingly now in Statistics and Awards the QSO is merely “Confirmed” not the “Credit Granted” I expected. :x

How does one manually change the DXCC Status to “Credit Granted”? I don’t see a field in Archive Manager for this..

ARRL evidently is not going to update my LoTW account (LoTW account and DXCC award account are linked so I don't know why it's not confirming the previous QSOs). I suppose for JTAlertX this is good enough (it’s marked Confirmed at least).

Re: DXCC Award help

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 00:42
by K7PT
Select each QSO>awards tab and you'll see award credited. Check the boxes that apply and save the QSO. You may have to restart Log4OM.

Re: DXCC Award help

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 01:47
by N5ZY
That's what I did to change them.. but they still only appear on the Statistics and Awards as 'Confirmed'.

Re: DXCC Award help

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 07:18
by K7PT
Can you send me a adif file via my email address on QRZ a few, maybe 10, QSOs from your log that should be "credited"? I'll take a look at them. Thanks.


Re: DXCC Award help

Posted: 10 Sep 2018, 08:52
by K7PT
The issue that Marcus brings up is NOT a bug. The QSO Received status must be set to "V" (Validated) before it can be used for an award credit. Cards are "Validated" by a card checker or mailing them direct to the ARRL.

The user must set the QSO Received status to "Validated" in Log4OM.

Re: DXCC Award help

Posted: 22 Sep 2018, 01:23
by N5ZY
That was it! Thank You very much guys!
Sorry for my lack of understanding to take up your time on this. I know better now and I've put it in my notes for 'the process to file' so when I submit cards again in a year I get it right.

Here is what I did wrong! When your DXCC shows new Credit Granted you then have to change all these in Log4OM to Credit Granted then add the DXCC award (ARRL does not match your paper QSL’s to your uploaded LoTW QSO sadly). So, open the QSO and change the QSL - Received to Validated!
Then on the Awards tab, choose the DXCC award(s) like DXCC Mixed, DXCC Phone, DXCC Challenge.

--the story for a 1st timer--
You can save some money and time by basically entering all the data for the ARRL DXCC desk. When your ready to visit a card checker you then finalize and submit a DXCC application online, pay the amount it calculates for you, print the submitted application, and take it with the cards (in the order you entered them) to the card checker. You also need to print an envelope for your application and apply a stamp (just a standard envelope and postage since it’s only your signed application being mailed in). The card checker will check your cards and mail-in your application and hand your QSL cards back to you! Then you wait anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on how busy the ARRL DXCC desk workers are (FT8 has lead to a boom in DXCC certificate requests). The DXCC status web page is updated weekly and it discloses what week/month of received applications they are processing.

As you receive paper cards, you can logon to the DXCC site and enter them, you don’t have to wait until a day before, or you can export all at once and import to the Online DXCC. If you eventually receive a LoTW confirmation you can delete the entry on the Online DXCC request form (you can add/delete very easily anytime and even over a long time period like a year!) Don’t submit your application and payment until the day before meeting with your card checker. Each entry you enter is saved when you click the “Save” button and they remain on your open request indefinitely, and can be modified or deleted, until you submit it with payment. Another option is to merely mark your cards in Log4OM as ‘submitted to card checker’ and put them in an envelope/box and the day before you simply ‘Export Cards Submitted to card checker’ and import this file to the Online DXCC system! When your ready to visit the card checker you submit your application online and payment. You then print the submitted application and print an envelope for for it. Sign your application, put the appropriate stamp on the envelope, then go meet your card checker (hamfest is a popular location to do this).

In Log4OM, as you receive paper QSL’s make sure you changed “Received” to “Y - yes (confirmed)” then it will give you the option of “Submitted to Card Checker”. You can tick this box and enter it into the Online DXCC. Then put it into the box “TO DX LOG CHECKER”.

If you do not enter them into Online DXCC then leave them merely as “Confirmed” and later, as you enter them, toggle the “Submitted” box. In this situation you will observe in “Statistics and Awards” they are purple with “C” for confirmed. Click this “C” and it will open a window with the QSLs for that band/mode. Tick the “Submit” box by a callsign and click ‘Mark QSL as submitted to a Card Checker”.

You can mix modes togher, the only thing you must do is keep the cards in the order you entered them into the online application. Also, if you’ve changed callsigns, put a small post-it-note or 3M post-it-flag on the card so your card checker notices it’s your previous call. If one card has 2 QSL’s but your only asking for credit for one, be sure to highlight the one you want (make it easy for the volunteer card checker).

That’s about it. Just logon to the web site to enter new QSL cards or to create/modify/submit an application or track a submitted application. You have to submit and pay to get the form that you then take to the DXCC card checker. The online process steps you through each simple step. It asks if your seeking endorsements and/or new DXCC award application. It calculates how much you need to pay leaving you with only having to enter your credit card information. Then you just print out the application, make an envelope and your ready for the ham convention.

And then the waiting starts. I assumed 2 weeks after I gave it to the local card checker I may see something but I was wrong. I noticed in the “Application History” there is a link to “DXCC Applications Received”, Which sadly informs me:

August 6, 2018: Logbook of the World application processing time is currently 1 - 2 business days. We are now processing paper applications received second week of July 2018, plus or minus a week or two. The current turnaround estimate is approximately 4 weeks.

During periods of heavy mail, recording applications into the DXCC computer can take a few additional days after the mail is delivered by the Post Office. The list below includes applications received by DXCC during the period 15-Jun-2018 to 06-Aug-2018

If you collect all your DXCC credits by LoTW then your DXCC application, through LoTW, does actually get processed and in the mail in just a few business days! If however your having to go this route with paper QSL’s for all those DX’ers that do not use LoTW then your going to have to wait (In the summer ham convention season they can get several weeks behind).