List of current awards

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List of current awards

Post by G4POP » 08 Aug 2014, 23:08

As of today's date these are the awards supported by Log4om - 70 not counting band specific DXCC awards

List of LOG4OM Standard Awards

DXCC - Mixed, CW & Data (Each by band or all bands)
DXCC - Challenge
Worked all States
Worked all Zones
Worked all Continents

List of LOG4OM Special Awards

AA: Antarctica Award
ACA: Alpine Country Award (OEVSV)
ARLHS_WLOL: ARLHS World List of Lights by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
AUSTRIAN_PROVINCES: Worked All Austrian Provinces
BCA: Belgian Castles Award
CANADIAN_PROVINCES: Worked All Canadian Provinces
CATCH22: Catch 22 Award (HARTS)
CCC: The Commonwealth Century Club
CHINESE_PROVINCES: Worked All Chinese Provinces
CISA: Canadian Island Award
CZECH_PROVINCES: Worked All Czech Republic Provinces
DAI: Diploma Abbazie Italiane
DANISH_PROVINCES: Worked All Demark Provinces
DAV: Diploma degli Ambienti Vulcanici
DCFP: Castles & Fortresses of Portugal - GPDX
DCI: Diploma dei Castelli Italiani
DIA: Danish Island Award
DIE: Diploma Islas Españolas
DIFM: Diplôme des Îles Françaises de la Métropole
DIP: Diploma das Ilhas Portuguesas
DME: Diploma Municipios de España
ESTONIAN_PROVINCES: Worked All Estonian Provinces
FFMA: Fred Fish Memorial Award
FINNISH_PROVINCES: Worked All Finnish Provinces
FRENCH_DEPARTMENTS: Worked All French Departments
GIA: German Island Award
GIOTA: Greek Islands On The Air Award
H26: Helvetia 26 HF-Award
HOLYLAND: Holyland Award
HUMPS: Summitbase HuMPs Award
IIA: Italian Island Award
IOCA: Islands Of Croatia Award
IRA_Z40: IRA Zone 40 Award
NATS: Navigational Aid to Shipping - WAB
NETHERLANDS_PROVINCES: Worked All Netherlands Provinces
NORWEIGEN_COUNTIES: Worked All Norweigen Counties
POLSKA: Polska Award
PORTUGUESE_PROVINCES: Worked All Portuguese Provinces
SCOTIA: Scottish Island Award
SLOVAKIA_PROVINCES: Worked All Slovakia Provinces
TAIWAN_PROVINCES: Worked All Taiwanese Provinces
TPEA: Trabajadas las Provincias EA
UKWAC_60_METERS: UK Worked all Counties - 60 Meters
UKWAC_ALL_BANDS: UK Worked all Counties - All Bands
USA_POSSESSIONS: Worked All USA Possessions
USI: US Island Awards
WAAS: Worked All Austrian States (OEVSV)
WAB: Worked all Britain
WABR: Worked All Brazil
WACD: Worked All Carinthian Districts (OEVSV)
WAE: Worked All Europe
WAI: Worked all Ireland - IRTS
WAIP: Worked All Italian Provinces
WAJA: Worked all Japanese Prefectures Award - JARL
WANC: Worked All Nordic Countries (IRA)
WCQZ15: Worked CQ Zone 15 (OEVSV)
WDRC: Worked Danube River Countries (OEVSV)
WFF: World Wide Flora and Fauna
WLOTA: World Lighthouse On The Air
WOEC: Worked Austrian Capitals (OEVSV)
73 Terry G4POP

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