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Posted: 16 Jan 2020, 16:09
by G4DWV - Guy
I have looked at the QSG and manual and have not found anything about upgrading. I do not want to run v1 and v2 together. Ideally, I just want to upgrade my v1 setup. Nothing in the manual to say it cannot or should not be done that i could see.

Reading between the lines, I cannot upgrade.

Many thanks for the release.

Re: Upgrading

Posted: 16 Jan 2020, 16:48
by KI5IO

You do not have to run V1 and V2 side-by-side. Should you want to do so ... you can.

V2 is a completely new data structure and thus the OM configuration and such cannot simply be ported from V1 to V2 or (as you noted) upgraded. Ergo each of us have to properly fill out the minimally required elements to allow V2 to begin operation and run.

Read the V2 Quick Start Guide and better still take the time to read the V2 Users Guide and carefully follow the steps and you will be in very good shape.

The main thing you need to do is to export your log to an ADIF file in the ADIF 3 format. This provides the most available information from your current log. This newly created file will be the one that you will import into V2 and the new database you have created as part of the initial V2 installation on your computer.

Exporting an ADIF file is not a bad thing to do from time to time anyway just to have yet another backup in case of a hard-drive failure, etc..

Once you get it up and running I know that you will certainly enjoy working with it.

Re: Upgrading

Posted: 16 Jan 2020, 16:55
by G4DWV - Guy
Hi Nolan,

Many thanks for your kind reply. I am sure I will love v2.

73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT