Alerts system... and a need for blocking malicious hams

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Alerts system... and a need for blocking malicious hams

Post by G5YL » 01 Mar 2020, 01:41


The Alerts is excellent... However, as I have found it is as route for inviting abuse form malicious hams who will put in one's callsign to alert them when one is online, so that they could come to your spotted frequency, to cause abuse and deliberate QRM.

Is there a facility so if such an amateur has your call on alert on their Log4OM, that we as an end user, or myself with G5YL, could prevent say for example, M0ABC or F3ABC etc from being alerted that we are on a frequency, and then come and bother us with whistles and lalalalalalalala?

Is there such a feature on log4om, and if not, can one be sorted as I think this would be helpful and useful. Of course such a feature on log4om, would not stop an amateur using another DX spotting service to find you.

Kind regards,

Krystyna G5YL

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Re: Alerts system... and a need for blocking malicious hams

Post by G4POP » 01 Mar 2020, 07:07

Hi Ktystyna,

Yes I can see that cluster alerts could be used for malicious purposes but I can't think of a way we could stop specific users from using alerts and as you said they could use any other cluster program to do the same so would probably just migrate.

You could approach the cluster providers and request that your call not be spotted, not sure if they could do it but it's worth asking but of course you would not then benefit from bona fide calls as a result of being spotted.

This sort of abuse has increased in recent years and I think the answer is the same as always, ignore them and they will eventually tire of doing it, Deffinately don't comment or acknowledge the abuse that just encourages them.
73 Terry G4POP

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