IC-7300 CAT

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IC-7300 CAT

Post by EA2J » 03 Apr 2020, 11:02


Sorry, the english isn't my mother tongue. Is possible that my question it had proposed before but I can't be found. I have downloaded and installed the log4ON v2.4, I import all database from HRD OK, any problem, but I can't set the CAT.

The Icom IC-7300 is not in the data of hamlib and the 7700 doesn't work.

Please, whatt is the settings for USB to connect the CAT of a IC-7300 via hamlib?

COM port 3 (Verified) 125200 (same data that Ic-7300) baud CI-V = 94h

I need some help,

73 Enio, EA2J

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Re: IC-7300 CAT

Post by DF5WW » 03 Apr 2020, 11:34

Hello Enio,

a lot of the Team and also a lot of the users have had problems with Hamlib. For the most
it didn´t work. Please try to download and install Omnirig and all it´s .ini Files and state
Log4OM to use Omnirig for CAT.

By the way, if you do so and you plan to use external software loke WSJT-X and/or JTDX or
some others install Omnirig and Log4OM with administrator rights. The only way that
Omnirig can share the CAT information to other programs.

Latest Omnirig that worked for us you can find here: http://dxatlas.com/OmniRig/Files/OmniRig.zip

The latest .ini files are here: http://dxatlas.com/OmniRig/Files/RigIni.zip

Enjoy V2 8-) 8-)

By the way. If you check Google or other search engines don´t install a Omnirig V2. It was made by a
swiss ham but it don´t works fine with our V2. Latest official yo find in my link and that 1.19.
73´s .. Juergen ... ALT-512 SDR (10W) , 50 m random wire at CG-3000 autotuner ...

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