Qso End Date

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Qso End Date

Post by SP2L » 05 May 2020, 21:34


Searched Log4OMNG_ENU.pdf and this forum
looking for term "Qso End Date', to no avail.

I wonder if/where I am missing relevant setting,
regarding "Qso End Date" empty column.

Attached two pictures:
- Log4OM2-Qso-End-Date.png
- JE7ELG.png

On the first one, right after logging QSO with A45XR
with data received by means of UDP message,
"Qso End Date" column is empty.
I verified that UDP message comprises this particular data.

Next picture shows situation when editing another QSO
there is "QSO End" window with checkbox.
Ticking it allows editing and correcting date/time.

Will appreciate very much suggestions and help.
Log4OM2-Qso-End-Date.png (89 KiB) Viewed 2063 times
JE7ELG.png (23.64 KiB) Viewed 2063 times
Best regards.
Tom - SP2L

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