WSJT-X logs to Log4OM2, but add JTAlert and it doesn't

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WSJT-X logs to Log4OM2, but add JTAlert and it doesn't

Post by kd7mw » 21 Jun 2020, 09:47

I just upgraded from Log4OM v. 1.x to I Read The Friendly Manual (dated 20/06/2020 6:30 PM). I was able to get almost everything working this evening. I followed p. 162 of the manual to get WSJT-X communicating with Log4OM, got it logging my FT8 QSOs. As soon as I double click on a call, the other operator's information displays in LOG4OM--nice! Then it gets logged when the QSO is complete with "73" or "RR73." Very nice!

But as soon as I added JTAlert to the mix, the other operator's information never shows up in Log4OM. QSOs were no longer logged. WSJT-X still prompts me to log the QSO, but when I click OK, nothing is logged. No error message.

With Log4OM Version 1, I had configured things so JTAlert was sending the log information to Log4OM. That isn't necessary anymore (I think?). But it's easier for my not-so-young eyes to scan the grid box in JTAlert than the middle column of WSJT-X to see who is operating. The manual said "NOTE: Do not use other QSO insert functions from JTAlert or by using a UDP ADIF_INBOUND function or any ADIF File Monitor otherwise it will cause duplicate QSO's to be logged." That seemed to imply that I could turn those things off in JTAlert. So I turned off all the logging functions in JTAlert, leaving only its fallback "B4" database running. But there still must be some sort of conflict.

So my question is, must I use JTAlert as an "intermediary" for log data if I run JTAlert at all, as shown on the Log4OM manual pp. 164-167? Or is there a way to set JTAlert so that it displays callsigns, but stays out of the way of logging?

Windows 7 Professional, Log4OM, OMniRig CAT, Log4OM, WSJT-X and JTAlert all running as Administrator.

-Peter, KD7MW

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Re: WSJT-X logs to Log4OM2, but add JTAlert and it doesn't

Post by G4POP » 21 Jun 2020, 10:24

I think trying to run JTAlert the way you describe will cause JTAlert to take preference of reading the WSJT messages so messing up the communications.

Best to follow the set up you found on Page 164
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: WSJT-X logs to Log4OM2, but add JTAlert and it doesn't

Post by VK3AMA » 29 Jun 2020, 22:16

JTAlert will log WSJT-X QSOs fine. It also sends the DXCall to Log4 when it changes in WSJT-X so Log4 will update its display. BUT, this will only happen if you setup Log4 correctly.

The JTAlert help file has very simple instructions for getting the integration working, "Settings -> Logging -> Log4OM V2" topic of the JTAlert Help File.

de Laurie VK3AMA
(JTAlert author)

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