Automatic upload intermittently fails

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Automatic upload intermittently fails

Post by 4X1ST » 01 Dec 2020, 17:40

2.10.0, Windows 10
Since installing 2.10.0 I've started to see occasional QSOs that don't get automatically uploaded to QRZ, Clublog and eQSL.

For example, of about 20 q's today, one failed to upload. It was directly logged into L4ONG, not external. The log shows:

2020-12-01 13:01:48.9193 WARN: [#=zpqTPgcVeNEwr85LocB$2eNXRCZ8OL5EiMw==][MoveNext] : [UPLOAD CLUBLOG QSO] Upload failed:
The remote name could not be resolved: ''
(similar messages for QRZ and eQSL).

I guess the obvious answer would be a glitchy internet connection... except that I'm on a fibre connection with over 100MB up, and 900MB down. It's extremely stable, and I don't see any issues resolving DNS names in general browsing, nor do my family report any issues (and they are very quick to complain if there's a glitch).

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