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QSL Manager : Received Via :

Post by F6FLU » 20 Dec 2020, 15:45

i just made my qsl request via the OQRS system

On Log4OM
I selected "Electronic" it's OK and
in the search via QSL Manager I can see that I made a QSL request today via Electronic
all are ok

but why I systematically have the "Received Via" field which is also filled with the value "Electronic" when we can clearly see that I have not received the QSL and that the "Received Via" field is indeed empty ?

Does sending a QSL by selecting "Sent Via = Electronic" automatically mean having the field "Received Via = Electronic"?
Because in reality this is not correct
QSL Manager 2020-12-20 162900.jpg
QSL Manager 2020-12-20 162900.jpg (128.53 KiB) Viewed 1109 times

Especially for Juergen, I searched for "Received Via" in the documentation but I couldn't find an answer :-)
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