Confirmations Version 1 are Dead in Version 2

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Confirmations Version 1 are Dead in Version 2

Post by HB9FZE » 31 Jul 2020, 14:14

Unfortunately, I am very disappointed.
I imported all of my Qso from version 1 into version 2.
Unfortunately I no longer see who I sent a Qsl card to. Not even from whom I got one.
Requested is everywhere. No matter whether, clublog, hrdlog, eqsl.
No update after download. Unfortunately, I can't use the program like this. I am forced to continue working with version 1.
Shame. I was so happy to work with version 2.
I suppose that did not work.

In Programm:

QSL Manager
Search Confirmation
QSL,Clublog,QRZ,HRDlog,EQSL What ever

In All of this stay :
QSL: Confirmation:Sent-Requested Received-no
EQSL: Sent-Requested Received-Requested
Lotw:Sent-Requested Received-Requested
QRZCOM: Sent-Requested Received-no
Hamlog: Sent-Requested Received-no
HRDlog: :Sent-Requested Received-no
Clublog: :Sent-Requested Received-no

When I download the confirmations, nothing changes. No matter whether Lotw, Clublog, HRD Log, Eqsl ect.

73 all the best Stefan HB9FZE

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Re: Confirmations Version 1 are Dead in Version 2

Post by DF5WW » 31 Jul 2020, 14:40

I have set all to Send = No and Received = No and all up- and downloads working fine
and all changes correctly. The only thing i use the Requested flag is when i have incoming
paper QSL´s. Then i set Received to Yes and Send to Requested. I use this flag for Label
printing to search arrived confirmations and print a label for the return card.

;) ;)
73´s .. Juergen ... ALT-512 SDR (10W) , 50 m random wire at CG-3000 autotuner ...

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