Invalid gridsquare in main UI

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Invalid gridsquare in main UI

Post by NS8K » 10 Mar 2020, 21:12

Please forgive me if this has been reported. I'm one of the unfortunates who cannot search the forum.

If you key in a call on the main UI and pause while typing, Log4OM will complete a lookup (if what was keyed in is a valid call) and fill in the appropriate information. If you then continue typing to complete the call, another lookup will be done and new information will be filled in EXCEPT for the grid square. It will remain what it was from the initial lookup which would most likely be incorrect.

To follow what I'm talking about, key in N8I then pause for a second or two then key in Y then pause again then key in G. All three calls are valid but you will notice the grid square will remain EN66qd. That's valid for N8I but neither N8IY or N8IYG. If you now backspace one letter at a time and pause after each backspace, you will again see valid lookups occurring but the grid square still remains stuck at EN66qd until you get to only having N8 as the call. This is now an invalid call and a failed lookup will clear the grid square field.

What is causing this behavior is un-checking "Overwrite user gridsquare in main UI" setting under User Preferences. If that setting is checked, it behaves properly. I think the intention of that setting is to leave the gridsquare alone if it is supplied manually or from a program that logs directly like WSJT-X. In this case, gridsquare came from an unintended lookup from typing too slowly or typing an extra character and then backspacing resulting in an incorrect grid square. In my opinion, this is a bug.

Running ver and lookups are via Win 10 ver 1909.
73 - Tom NS8K

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