Beware of FT8 set up instructions on the web

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Beware of FT8 set up instructions on the web

Post by G4POP » 17 Jan 2021, 09:09

I have noticed a couple of so called set up tutorials on the internet which do not provide proper integration of programs like JTALert, Gridtracker, JTDX etc with Log4OM

As an example one set up provided upload of QSO's to LOTW, QRZ and LOTW which probably worked fine but unfortunately the QSO's sent to Log4OM were not marked confirmation sent or with the sent date, like LOTW sent status = Y, this causes the Log4OM award statistics to be incorrect and the users logbook to be corrupt.

I was able to assist the user that flagged this issue and correct his Log4OM database but I strongly advise users to only use set up instructions provided directly from the Log4OM, WSJT, JTDX, JTALERT and Gridtracker developers.
73 Terry G4POP