Chat! Chat! - Whats that?

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Chat! Chat! - Whats that?

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User chat in Log4OM is a text messaging system between Log4OM users, so why not use Instagram or Skype?

Other public messaging systems are not aimed at amateur radio and do not provide details of the other persons call sign, frequency and mode or an indication if the person is ‘On air’ - Log4OM chat does all of that.

So how and why do I use this facility?


Go to Utilities/user chat system and follow the instructions in the Log4OM user guide.


The user might want to just send personal messages to a friend or perhaps inform the other person that they were on air, just the same as perhaps emailing but a lot faster and more direct.

Alternatively a group of friends that are keen DX chasers might form their own DX spotting group, thus avoiding announcing to the world some rare DX on the normal public clusters, a very private spotting system just for them.

e.g. George G3VOT works a rare Pacific station on 40m CW so he sends a Log4OM chat message to his friend, John GI0HWO who he sees is on the air on 60M FT8

G3VOT sends message to John
“03:47:22 To-> GI0HWO Hey John just worked CE0Y Easter island on 7.021 CW he was calling CQ and was 549 with me, he gave me 559, give him a call because he has not got a pile up on him so far!”

GI0HWO replies
“03:52:34 To - > G3VOT Thanks for the tip George just worked him 569 both ways.”

G4VOT replies
“03:55:44 To -> GI0HWO Good show I told Terry G4POP and I hear him working CE0Y now, still no pile up but no one has spotted him on the cluster yet.”

G4VOT sends message to John
“04:06:35 To -> GI0HWO Wow someone spotted CE0Y and now the world has descended on him, what a pile up? Good job we worked him when we did, we would not have a chance now.”

Use your imagination it’s a handy tool to have in your Log4OM toolbox!
73 Terry G4POP