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UI Suggestions

Post by NW7US » 08 Apr 2021, 03:45

Here are a few thoughts, which have sprung up as I begin to use Logger4OM2 in everything radio that I do.

1. Can the QSO's State also be included on the first tab/view -- country and city are there, but not state. It would be handy for me to see the state along with the grid locator, city, etc. And, if I am operating CW or SSB, and other non-automated (non-JTAlert, etc.), having to tab to another page of fields just to get the state into the QSO record, is very distracting.

2. Is there a way, when looking at the recent log entries list, to have a filter / filters that would allow me to, for instance, set a special row background color if the filter criteria is met? Example: I want to set a filter that would color a matching row differently than the default colors. I want light green, if LotW has been confirmed and the confirmation is set. That way I can see at a quick glance what recent QSOs have been confirmed.

3. Is there a way to report stuff to a text file, or CSV, etc.? Like, I want to make a list of all the LotW confirmed QSOs, by Call Sign, Country, DXCC # -- that way I can create my own little app that would import that, and spit out a list of NOT YET WORKED DXCC.

This program rocks. I'm very pleased...
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