Two suggested improvements

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Two suggested improvements

Post by ac5aa » 28 Jan 2020, 21:27

1. QSL method - "Manager" is missing from the options.

2. LoTW download: Full ADIF download is unnecessary on every download. It should be optional. I typically download daily, or sometimes twice a day. It often runs 15 minutes wait time for the full download and multiple parsings of the resulting large file. Most of the time I'm just looking for recent/latest confirmations, not trying to validate my status. I would probably use the "full" method once every few months, not every day.

Thanks for the good work on Ver 2 - it's looking good so far.

73, Duane
73, Duane AC5AA

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Re: Two suggested improvements

Post by KE7B » 28 Jan 2020, 23:42

Concur. I upload/download both LOTW and eQSL every day and it's now taking far too long to do something that only took moments with V1.

The rest of V2 is a wonderful step in the right direction. Thank you for providing this to the ham community.

73 John W7CD

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