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Re: RTTY Spot

Posted: 01 Feb 2020, 20:46
by w9mdb
As I explained before...on rigs that do not have RTTY settings the frequency is 600Hz off from skimmer spots.

The RTTY Skimmers add 585Hz to the decoded frequency...don't ask me why...they just do. So depending on your RTTY offset in a rig that knows about RTTY it will show up at your programmed offset.

But for the myriad of rigs that don't have such RTTY modes the frequency is wrong for USB mode.
A simple box of offset for RTTY spots (as determined by the comment field) solves it.


Re: RTTY Spot

Posted: 01 Feb 2020, 21:09
by NN7D
Ok, so my point is its a feature request, not an error.

Also, Skimmers do not add an offset, they report the mark or FSK frequency of the signal, which works just fine for RTTY enthusiast, the majority of which use FSK.

Mike, you mentioned you use an IC-7300. It has a dedicated RTTY mode. Why don't you the RTTY mode?

Doug - W7DRM

Re: RTTY Spot

Posted: 02 Feb 2020, 00:26
by w9mdb
I don't have a 7300 but my friend does. I have an ANAN 100 and it doesn't have a RTTY mode in Thetis or PowerSDR.

As for the 7300 RTTY mode won't transmit over the USB audio on the 7300 -- you have to be in USB-D mode for any USB audio to from FLDigi for RTTY.

And I respectfully disagree it's just a feature request. Clicking on a spot should work for all rigs, yes? Not just rigs that have a RTTY mode.
If it works on some but not others that qualifies as a bug though I do understand it's adding a box and some logic to do's not a hard thing to do as I've already fixed this in my program that pre-processes spots before sending them to Log4OM. Took about 30 minutes of coding/testing.